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Superintendent of Schools

Janelle James, M.S.

Pro-Vision Academy is located in the neighborhood of Sunny Side, Houston, Texas -

a community that has faced its fair share of challenges, but where the resilience and dedication of its educators shine brightly. In particular, the staff here at PVA are truly remarkable. Every day, they inspire and uplift their students, helping them to believe in themselves and strive for success.

Despite limited resources and difficult circumstances, these educators are committed to providing the best possible education for their students. They go above and beyond the call of duty, working tirelessly to ensure that every child has the opportunity to learn and grow. Their enthusiasm is contagious, and it's clear that they genuinely care about their students' well-being.

But it's not just their dedication that sets these educators apart. They are also incredibly creative and innovative in their approach to teaching. They understand that each child is unique and has different learning needs, and they tailor their lessons accordingly. They use a variety of teaching methods to keep their students engaged, including interactive activities, hands-on projects, and real-world applications.

Their efforts have not gone unnoticed. The students at this at-risk school are thriving, and their academic achievements are a testament to the hard work and dedication of their teachers. Many of these students have gone on to college, breaking the cycle of poverty and opening up new opportunities for themselves and their families.

In short, the staff at this at-risk school in Sunny Side, Houston, Texas, is nothing short of amazing. They are an inspiration to us all, showing us what can be achieved when we put our hearts and souls into something we believe in. They are proof that with hard work, dedication, and a whole lot of love, anything is possible.

Mayra Bullock.JPG

Mayra Bullock, M.Ed.

Chief of Staff

Chief of Human Resources


April Tasso, Ed.D.

Chief School



Clarissa Countee

Coord.Of Admin. Services

Lakeitha Moody

Registrar , PEIMS Coord.

Carrie Tate

Coordinator of Special Populations

Chrystal Tolbert

Academic Counselor

Jarid Weese

IT Technician

Xavier Burke Jr

Multi-Media Specialist

Henry Sims

Recruitment Specialist


Tyneshia Denmon

Middle School Lead Teacher

Jacqueline Haynes

H.S. Math Lead Teacher

Jermario Gordon

H.S. Social Studies  Lead Teacher

Teddie  Scott

H.S. Science Lead Teacher

Desiree Smith

H.S. English Lead Teacher


Julissa Harwell

6th -8th Soc. Studies

Anthony Russ

6th – 8th Math

Taylor Barnes

Ancillary Aide PE

Tyneshia Denmon

6th-8th Science

Nakishee McGee

6th-8th ALP Reading

James Miles


Anne Reece


Sidney Sanders

Lab Instructor

Aundrea Pipkins



Mark Barre'


Jermario Gordon

US Hist.

Claudia Martinez

Spanish I & II

Teddie  Scott


Danielle Murphy

Eng.IlI & IV

Jacqueline Haynes

Alg. Reasoning, Alg.II & PreCal

Desiree Smith

Eng.I & III

Shawntee Moore

Building Substitute

Derrick Mason

Football & PE

Nicholas Harwell 


Connell Crossland

Social Studies

Michael Conley

Ancillary Aide PE

Edward Dean 

HS LAB Instructor

Tarron Overshown

HS LAB Instructor

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