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Throughout the past 27 years, Pro-Vision has learned that in order to complete the transformation and make an impact in the life of a young person, you have to not only teach their mind, but teach their heart also. At Pro-Vision, we have inspired and impacted the lives of over 6,000 young men and women.


Pro-Vision was created to inspire hope and purpose into young people through access to academic, economic, and social enrichment opportunities.


Roynell Young began Pro-Vision in 1990 after a successful professional football career. Located in the southeast Houston Sunnyside neighborhood, Pro-Vision has impacted the lives of 6,000 students in its twenty seven year history. What began as an after-school program servicing young men in an 800 square foot rented space has flourished into a multifaceted educational approach on 21 acres which includes The Pro-Vision Academy, a state charter school serving young people grades 6th – 12th, and its supplemental programs, The Manhood Development Program, a character development program, and The Job Enterprise Program, a career training program that blends workforce and education emphases to ensure college an career-readiness. Additionally, Pro-Vision has a 2 acre working Urban Farm/Aquaponics Program that uses the production and sale of produce to instill the spirit of entrepreneurial-ism in under served young men, while addressing detrimental issues that are prevalent in the community such as childhood obesity and the lack of access to healthy and fresh food options.

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